Space Brothers

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Art Directors Vision

Wandering around, his bare children feet on the burlap-surface on the planet, Big Brother looks around for his brother. As far as his uneasy scared eyes can see through his fishbowl space-helmet, rough burlap ground can be seen. Here and there there's a large button sewn into the ground, a burlap-planet crater hole or part of a toy lying on the ground, all are things you would find a little boys room. But Big Brother can't see very far; the planet is dark with scary things in the darkness, ready to grab you. The only light is the slowly dying light coming from Big Brother himself. Except, far, far away, almost dissapearing into the bending surface of the small planet, he can see a little light shining in the darkness: little brother! Big Brother had been dragging a barrel-sized propel around, which he needs for the spaceship. It was almost to heavy for him to drag, so he had to leave little brother behind, just shortly, and now he had almost lost him. Big Brother started running, his little bare feet moving as fast as he could manage, his bright-green pyjamas standing out against the de-saturated surroundings.

Key words

Low saturaion
Childrens room

Progression Details

(progression from level 1 to last level)


Environment Design


external image blue-moon-space-dream-wallpapers.jpg

external image littlebigplanet_114728.jpg

Color, mood, thumbs

(thumbs of level 1, 2, 3 in comparison with each other)

Level 1 - "Moon planet"

Mood, color thumbs

Structure, buildings, items

Level Concept


Inspirational images

Level 2 - ?






Big Brother (Main Character):

Finished concept




Inspirational images

Little Brother:

Finished concept



Inspirational images


General Concepts




Box Art & Poster

Box Cover



Art Design Document (Responsible: Art Director)

The art design document is also known as a graphical design document or often simply the art bible. It will help everybody on the team to get a feel for where the game is heading as well as include precise definitions of how to produce assets. It covers a very diverse area including level design, sound and animation, so it is often a huge collaborative work to create the art design document.

The art design document should include drafts for 3 key concept art pieces:

  • Box cover / poster of the game, including logo
  • Main characters(s)
  • Key/unique gameplay moment (or a story board of this)

The art design document should cover these aspects:

  • Look and feel (setting, characters, lights and shadows, mood board, color schemes, etc)
  • Character design (sketches, character sheets, etc)
  • Interface design (game GUI, menu, load screen sketches, etc)
  • Level design (research, sketches, mock-ups, light and shadow, game flow, etc)
  • Animation design (method, sketches, storyboards, lists of required animations)
  • Sound design (principles, key sounds, music, lists of required sounds)

The more sketches and concept art pieces you can produce in this week the better you will be prepared for the production. Use every hand available for this.