SPACE BROTHERS (working title)
Team 3: Concept document


Target audience
6-12 years

The story
A boy and his little brother crashed their spaceship on a dark planet. The spaceship is broken, and before it can fly again, they need to find the missing part and bring it back to the spaceship.
The little brother is too small to walk by himself so the boy must hold his hand in order for them to move around together. Both boys have hearts of light and when they hold hands, the light is constant and the darkness cannot destroy them. If the boys stays apart for too long, the darkness will engulf their light and they will die.
The missing part of the spaceship is so heavy that the boy cannot hold his younger brother’s hand while carrying it. He must keep himself and the little brother alive so they can leave the planet safely together.


Game Experience
Slow paste adventure puzzle solving with an element of exploration and corporation within AI-NBC.
Feeling small in a big universe, if you stay together you will survive.

Buzz words
Dreamy + Lonely + Love