Game Design Document (Responsible: Game Designer)

The game design document describes all of the game in all the necessary details and is aimed at the various professional areas, which should be reflected in the document. Do not use too many adjectives. Write short and precise – and use illustrations.

The game design could cover these aspects:

  • Gameplay synopsis (unique/core game idea)
  • Narrative design (setting, story, characters, etc)
  • Core game features (controls, camera, mechanics, etc)
  • Game flow (level design, progression, rewards, menus, etc)
  • Feedback systems (user interface, use of audio, animations, graphical effects, etc.)
  • Technical features (use of physics, ragdoll, etc)


2D platformer / puzzle
Web-browser game
Keyboard controls

Goal of the game: Main character + his younger brother have to get off the planet on which they are stranded after crashing with their space craft by getting to, and at the same time fixing, their space craft.

Game rules: Darkness as well as separation from each other is bad for the two brothers. To insure that the darkness does not consume or deplete their individual reservoirs of light, the brothers must stay together and thereby hold hands. If the brothers, however, get separated the darkness starts to deplete the brothers light force. When this happens the brothers have a limited time to find each other and hold hands before the darkness consumes them and the game is over.

The player controls the older brother, who can move, climb, and interact with things on his own. He is also the one in charge when holding hands with his younger brother. However, the older brother cannot climb or carry things when he is holding hands with his younger brother.

The younger brother is a NPC. He cannot move nor climb on his own. He relies on his brother moving him around when holding hands with him. Likewise, he relies on his brother to assist and help him with the climbing and traversal of obstacles.

Game mechanics: To get to the space craft and at the same time fix it, thereby completing the game or level, the player must at times abandon his younger brother in order to solve puzzles or traverse obstacles that all hinder the brothers from reaching their goal. The older brother simply cannot solve the puzzle or traverse the obstacles while holding hands with his younger brother due to the fact that the puzzle as well as the obstacles requires the older brother to be using both of his hands in order to overcome either of them.
Meanwhile, as the older, separated from his younger brother, is trying to overcome the obstacles that lie in their path, both of the brothers are losing their individual light force at an alarming rate, which will ultimate result in game over, does the older brother not return to his younger brother in time.

Level design:
Each level is a small planet. Each new level introduces a new game mechanic i.e. holding hands, moving boulders, dealing with enemies etc.

Setting: Outer space envisioned and created by a young boy using elements from his bed /play room.

3D modelled environment. 3D modelled characters, but 2D-ish looking. Cartoony, moody,

Use of gravity physics.