The Assignment

This will be your first DADIU production and therefore you will be given a set of strict conditions to help you focus and scope the project. The purpose of the Mini Game Project is to push you through all the steps of creating a game from start to finish, so you can be much better prepared for the Graduation Game. The timeframe for this is nearly impossibly short, so you will be forced to take quick and hard decisions and you will make some real mistakes to learn from.

The delivered game should be a finished, polished and fully playable game. In order to accomplish this within such a short production period, you will have to focus on very few game features and re-use them as much as possible.

Conditions for Content:

  • The game must be a 2D platform game
  • Classic examples includes Donkey Kong, Bubble Bobble, Wonder Boy,
  • Flashback, Impossible Mission, Ghost’n’Goblins, Super Mario Bros
  • Recent examples includes Trine, Braid, Limbo, Super Crate Box, Super MeatBoy, Spelunky, Little Big Planet, Shadow Complex
  • The game must be playable as a single player game
  • The game must be controlled by mouse and/or keyboard
  • The game must present itself in a Danish and an English version involving a technical and practical solution to handle translations

Technical Conditions:

  • The game must be developed in Unity
  • The game must be playable through the Unity web player. This means that you will
  • have to consider load times and asset sizes when you plan your production
  • The game should be playable on a standard mid-range pc
  • The game should be completed in the sense that it is optimized and can be played by others