Information about Niels Jeppesen in relation to DADIU.


Team 3


Lead Programmer

Languages and skills

  1. Poor knowledge
  2. Little knowledge
  3. Reasonable understanding
  4. Good understanding
  5. Very good understanding
  • C#: 5
  • Unity: 4
    • Scripts: 4
    • Physics: 4
    • Shaders: 1
    • Sounds: 3
    • GUI: 3
  • Java: 5
  • C: 3

Past games

It's a trap! is a 2D tower/trap defence game made in Unity. The goal is to prevent the monsters from reaching the bottom of the screen by places traps and using the your tower. The game uses sprite animations, custom A* pathfinding and random level generation. This game was done as a cross-course group project at QUT, however I was the only programmer.

Station's Hopeis a 3D space shooter made in Unity, where the goal is to defend your space station from waves of asteroid. The game includes three different weapons, shields, advanced HUD, upgrades and in playable with keyboard or Xbox controller. This game was done group project at QUT.

RunRabbitRun is a 2D side-scoller Facebook game made in Java2D, in which the goal is to get the highest possible score. This is achieved by killing onions, avoiding deep water, collecting carrots and staying alive as long as possible. Game made with Rune Mønnike.

Divide is a hack-and-slash Diablo clone made with jMonkeyEngine (Java). The game implements most main features from the first game and some features from Diablo II. Features inclrude advanced AI, pathfinding, random item system, random dungeon generation, skill system and more. Game made with Rune Mønnike.