Production Document

Production Document

The production of Space Brothers, will be done with the agile management system SCRUM.
Due to short timeframe, estimation of features has not been made, which could mean that some features will not come into the game.
The production focuses on making a short and aesthetically pleasing game, which shows a certain atmosphere and feeling as described by Game directors.
Production team has been divided into Programmer team and art team, with leadgroup supporting as much as possible.
Game with be developed in Unity, and played with the web-player.

Prototype testing should probably be done, to make sure that the game works with target audience.
Each day should end with a fully working stable build of the game.

  • 75% of game should be done and debugged by end of Monday the 17th.
  • Final Build should be ready and delivered on Tuesday the 18th.
  • Gametesting will be tested on Wednesday the 19th. And should be tested on young children. (age group 6). These could be found by going to schools in the area, and test the game during lunch break.


Art Pipeline.jpg

The Production Document (Responsible: Project Manager)

The production document describes how the game will be produced.

The production document could include a rough description of:

  • Production plan including
    • Breakdown
    • Critical path
    • Milestones, reference lines and deadlines

  • Test plan
    • How and when to test the game
    • How to get testers from the target audience

The Playable Prototype(s)(Responsible: Lead Programmer):

The Lead Programmer should plan one or more prototypes in close collaboration with the game designer. The Lead Programmer should distribute the tasks of creating these prototypes to his team.

The Pipeline test(s) (Responsible: Lead Programmer):

  • Asset pipeline should be tested for each type of asset from content creation tool to inside and working in Unity.